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    and: “Record of the Day”)

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    Cad, Bounder,


    Also: Nerdsmith, Multi-Caster, Storymonger.

    Also also: Santa,

    MC, Bookseller.

    Also also also:








    Putting words, ideas, exhibitions,

    documents, creatives and concepts together –

    in any and every combination.

    Matching songs and comedy to topics a specialty.

    Come at me needy, you’ll leave satiated.


  • Canon

    Various past works. And books for sale.

    bookshelf link to bookshop

    Books for Sale

    Pardon me, is this a book shop?

    [Predominantly] second hand.


    santa link to santa snaps

    Sanity Clause

    Your Best Santa Ever!



    Top Ryde Early Learning Posters

    Media Design

    Corporate assignments

    Posters, newsletters, anything.


    posters from shows I've been involved in

    Live Performance

    Producer, Performer, Nerd etc

    Some related paraphernalia

    go to the gallery


    In-store and related promotions

    Selling isn’t just from behind the counter.

    graphics link

    Quite the card

    Graphics for all [other] occasions

    Name the day and the medium.

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    Vanity Label

    Audio producer/hustler

    Because anyone can make a record.

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    The Covid-19 Songbook

    Parodic Paeans to Pandemic Panic

    compiled with an essay and notes by me.

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    The write stuff

    Some [not self-] published writing.

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    The write stuff

    Some [not self-] published writing.

  • Books for sale.Pardon me, is this a book shop?

    [Predominantly] secondhand.Contact me for more info/photos if any take your fancy.

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